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Hitman gains sequel, writer, director and new actor

Hitman.jpgThe sequel to Hitman has a title, a writer, a script, a director and an actor to play the role, and its set to film in Europe and the Far East this summer. Whatever you thought of the original Hitman film the game franchise has taken another step forward with the excellent Hitman: Absolution and the film looks set to try and capitalise on the success of the videogame.

Some didn't take to the original Hitman film which was a shame because it was delivered with a strong understanding of the character and the videogame, and it was an action packed, enjoyable film. I certainly enjoyed it and wanted more.

The original Hitman (Filmstalker review)" title="Filmstalker reviews Hitman">Hitman (Filmstalker review) film was written by Skip Woods, directed by Xavier Gens and starred Timothy Olyphant supported by Dougray Scott, Olga Kurylenko, Robert Knepper and Ulrich Thomsen with a number of other recognisable actors throughout. It delivered action, the Hitman character in live action form, and even some of the styling of the game fitted seamlessly into the film itself.

It did get a little cheesy and daft in places but it did a great job and while it could have been better it could also have been much, much worse. So which way will the sequel go?

The new film is apparently called Agent 47 according to the Deadline story, and is set to be directed by a commercials director called Aleksander Bach from a script written by Skip Woods who wrote the original Hitman as well as a number of other strong action films including the soon to be seen A Good Day to Die Hard.

So who is going to be playing Agent 47 then? Well it's not marking the return of Timothy Olyphant unfortunately and it's not going to be Jason Statham either, no it's Paul Walker. It seems that the recent rise in the Fast and Furious franchise is standing him in good stead and he's shaving his head, stepping into the suit and loading up.

I don't think he's a bad choice for the character but there are actors who look better for the role, but then I never really thought that Olyphant was going to pull it off until he was in the role so perhaps Walker will bring that mean edge that he's keen on playing these days and give us a better Hitman.

I do think that people have an instantly and overly negative view of videogame adaptations, especially when they often carry more background and character detail than a lot of books, cartoons or comics that get adapted, so why can't videogames work?

It was the same with comics, when they were first being adapted the studios were dipping their toes in and were reluctant to spend the money, but now they are making huge blockbusters and investing money and talent into them. Eventually they'll realise that this is no different for videogames they just have to pick the right one, invest and do it well. Is Agent 47 going to be one of those films?




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