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Edinburgh International Film Festival Day Two

EIFF.pngThankfully the second day has been much less crazy than the first. Up early, Costa coffee, and in the first screening as it opened.

As I sit here waiting for film number two to begin, Evelyn, I'm starting to worry about timings. This needs to start now or the walk from the Filmhouse to Cineworld will mean missing Pusher.

That's always a big concern during screenings for festivals, the timings can be crucial to allow you to travel between screenings, the good thing is it gets you out in the fresh air and daylight.

I'm just out of seeing Evelyn which started bang on time. It was a tough film to watch but well worth it. A powerful film that was very disturbing and upsetting but definitely one that should be seen. Right now I do feel like heading off somewhere quiet and during the screening there were a couple of times I thought I was about to start crying. Yes, I'm big enough to admit that.

However now I'm heading down to Cineworld for the remake of Pusher (Filmstalker Review) so the mood is unlikely to get better unless this turns out to be a surprise Disney version. Pusher the musical!

The screening is over and I'm heading home. It wasn't as full as I had expected but there was a good crowd there. Having not seen the original I had no expectations other than hearing how good it was. I was rather disappointed by it in the end and the story washed over me more than I had expected. I wonder how those who saw the original feel about it?

Heading home on the bus and writing up my notes on Pusher my thoughts keep straying back to the powerful Evelyn. It was the winner for Day two without a doubt.

Now it's time to get some reviews written.

Day Two Quick Reviews:
Evelyn: Five Stars
Pusher (Filmstalker Review): Three Stars

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Edinburgh is the one city we could never get into. 'One Day Removals' started at Raindance in London, we then did festivals in Glasgow (3), Aberdeen (1), Inverness (2) Dundee (1) Fife (1) Canada (1) Edinburgh (0)

We did try, but they kept telling me to naff off.

Tasteless gits.

By the way, got another screening coming up in Glasgow in September. Good old Glasgow - who'd have thought!

You'd think although it's the Edinburgh International Film Festival they would like to make a place for some good Scottish films. Mind you Mark Cousins is there again this year...

Mark Cousins bugs my happiness. His documentary about film-making was coma inducing. And I'm a film-maker!

ODR isn't very arty. It might be the least pretentious Scottish film ever made. So it'll never ever play Edinburgh. Gits.

Having said that, it is a film that suggests that every single person in Edinburgh is a homosexual. Maybe they've got the hump? In my defence, I also made fun of Glasgow a lot and they didn't mind. One of them did try to stab me after a screening, but I didn't take it personally, I've had worse reviews.

I know he does Mark, that's why I mentioned him! ;)

Frankly Mark I have no idea why they won't feature your film at the Festival, have you never had a reason why? It's a damn good film and should be celebrated at every Scottish Film Festival for no other reason than it's a Scottish film that's been successful outside Scotland. Oh, and it's bloody good!

Seriously, someone tried to stab you? His name didn't end in "ousins" did it?



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