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Earthbound trailer confuses

RafeSpall.jpgThe names have drawn me to the trailer for Earthbound, those of two of the stars Rafe Spall and David Morrissey, two great actors, however I'm not convinced by the trailer which makes me think of K-Pax, and a television version of it at that.

I'm also not sure which direction the trailer is supposed to be taking us, at first it makes us think that the leading character is just completely nuts and then it seems to reveal the exact opposite.

Earthbound comes from writer and director Alan Brennan and the blurb for the film tells us where it sets off from:

Joe believes he is an alien from another planet hiding from intergalactic bounty hunters. When he falls in love with down-to-earth Maria he risks everything by telling her the truth.

I'm not sure what to take from the trailer, whether it is supposed to make us believe the man is completely mad and then reveal he's not, or if that's not the purpose of the film at all. Looking at the second half of the trailer you'd think it wasn't as it reveals just too much, or is it that what we're seeing as cheap effects are actually in the man's mind?

See for yourself with the trailer from TrailerAddict. Perhaps there's something more there?




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