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The Market trailer set to shock

The trailer for The Market lays down what the documentary is about very clearly and builds the base for a very shocking documentary to come.

A mother of two suffering kidney failure and on a waiting list for five years, a woman in India selling her kidney through a broker to gain the money to get her out of debt, the fifth member of her family to do so. This is The Market.

It's a shocking story, and makes you realise just how important it is to become an organ donor, to save someone else's life and also to help stop this kind of terrible, illegal trade that the desperate and needy are exploited for and participate in.

Here's the official blurb for the story of The Market:

A slum in Chennai, India. Home of the discarded, the starving -- and now, also the home of a desperate tsunami refugee camp, on the outskirts of an indifferent city. Out here, survival means selling a kidney.

Hema, a young mother of two, wants to sell her kidney so she can pay off the crippling debts of her family. A broker tells Hema she'll get $2500 for her kidney. If she sells she will be the fifth member of her family to sell a kidney for an amount that represents several years' wages. Across the world in Nanaimo, Canada. Forty year old single mom Sandra's kidneys are failing and she has been on a waiting list for 5 years now, for a new kidney. Her condition has left her chained to a dialysis machine, four times a day, every day, if she is to live.

Two different people. Two journeys. With one end. To find a kidney, someone has to lose one....

The Market follows individual stories that explore the larger issues surrounding the organ trade - and looks at these issues from both a Western point of view as well as from the point of view of people selling their organs. What are the ethics of organ buying and selling? And, what would we ourselves do if we were forced into a similar dilemma?

Buy. Or sell?

Now watch the trailer and see some more of the story, of how those who sell a kidney in India can so easily become traders of illegal organs. The trailer only hints at what the outcome could be and what we could witness through the film, but it does seem as though it's a vital one to see.

Here's the trailer for The Market from film-maker Rama Rau:

I love films and documentaries like this, ones which really do educate you on things you've never really heard about before, or perhaps have but have only touched the surface. Films that can actually end up doing good, and The Market is definitely one of them.




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