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Martha Marcy May Marlene caught in a cult

Martha Marcy May Marlene is a hell of a title for a film, but it almost doesn't matter how long the title is when you have a trailer this interesting. The film is about a young woman and her life before, during and after being caught up in a cult, and in particular her relationships with her family.

It does look an intriguing trailer and it has been getting a lot of positive commentary, not only for the film, but also for Elizabeth Olsen's performance. That and as you would expect, the excellent performance of John Hawkes as the cult leader.

Cults haven't had enough screen time, and I wonder why that is. Maybe it's just not an audience that wants to see themselves in film and there are a lot of groups in America that could consider themselves under that banner so it's restricting audiences. Who really knows.

According to Collider this trailer is setting the film up to be a little more action orientated thriller than the film actually is, they say it's a much creepier and unnerving film with a similar performance from John Hawkes.

The trailer comes through Empire and I have to say I'm sold on this, it does look powerful stuff.

It's just that title of Martha Marcy May Marlene that seems a little excessive, but I think I know what it's portraying, the many different names and sides to the one person, and I like the idea that the film is focussing more on the person and their relationship with their parents post cult.




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