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Blackthorn trailer, Sundance Kid lives

Blackthorn.jpgImagine if, instead of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid being gunned down at the end of that iconic film with Robert Redford and Paul Newman, one of them survived. That's what happens in Blackthorn, the Sundance Kid is not dead, and he's played by Sam Shepard.

The film sees him heading home for one final time before he dies, and on his journey he meets a young man played by Eduardo Noriega who has his eyes set on a fortune, and Sundance decides to go on one more adventure.

The trailer actually looks rather darker than you might think, and I wonder if it's going to look at the tougher side of the west, perhaps revealing a little of the truth behind what it would be to be an outlaw and a gunslinger back in those days.

Here's the blurb for Blackthorn:

It's been said (but unsubstantiated) that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were killed in a standoff with the Bolivian military in 1908. In BLACKTHORN, Cassidy (Shepard) survived, and is quietly living out his years under the name James Blackthorn in a secluded Bolivian village. Tired of his long exile from the US and hoping to see his family again before he dies, Cassidy sets out on the long journey home. But when an unexpected encounter with an ambitious young criminal (Eduardo Noriega) derails his plans, he is thrust into one last adventure, the likes of which he hasn't experienced since his glory days with the Sundance Kid.

You know I do like the fact that they've chosen Sam Shepard for the part of Sundance. He's got just the right demeanour and character and yet he's not the kind of star that would clash with the original character played by Robert Redford.

Line him up with the younger talent of Eduardo Noriega and throw in a surprising Stephen Rea, and you have a rather diverse but interesting cast.

I didn't think this film would work when I initially heard about it, but now I've seen the trailer I'm thinking it might just do the job.

See what you think when you watch the new trailer over at Apple Trailers.



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