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The Iron Lady teaser trailer

TheIronLady.jpgWell what does the teaser trailer for The Iron Lady tell us about the first film of Margaret Thatcher and about the Meryl Streep performance of the ex-Prime Minister of Britain? Well not a lot because it's very short, but we do see her speaking to camera and so there's enough to get a taste of the portrayal to expect.

Will it be factual? I'm not sure. The teaser has a jovial, light hearted tone to it and I'm curious about the slightly oversized teeth she seems to be sporting, and while the voice and mannerisms are close, is she a little overplayed?

All that leads me to think that The Iron Lady is either a satirical performance or perhaps a comedy, maybe even the film is there to poke fun at the ex-Prime Minister? We can't really be sure at the moment as the teaser trailer is very short, however from what we can see there's humour in that Iron Lady.

The film, The Iron Lady, tells the story of Margaret Thatcher, the first and so far only female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who saw the country through good and bad times, most memorable being the Falkland Islands war, something that could well return to the fore of British politics.

However there were many other moments of her career that stand out, and while some other male leaders may have eclipsed her in the film world, surely her life and career deserves as much attention.

The big question is, will she get the attention she deserves or is this going to turn out to be a slightly tongue in cheek version? Since the film was announced there have been suggestions that the film has been taken a less than favourable view of her, looking from an opposition point of view rather than a balanced look back at her career, and I have to say looking at the teaser there's a glimmer of that.

Not in any clever way though, the seemingly slightly oversized teeth, the slightly exaggerated gestures, the comedy element, it all feels like it's going to turn into a political satirisation of the character, and somewhat of a cheap dig.

Okay, let me point out that what we do see is a very short snapshot of the character, and it could feel this way solely to get people interested in the film, after all maybe the executives decided to try and take the lighter side of the character out for the teaser and leave the hard hitting, factual side for the film. All we can do at the moment is base our observations on the teaser trailer, and these are mine.

Let's see what yours are after watching the teaser that comes through The Guardian:




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