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Bond gets new Miss Moneypenny?

NaomieHarris.jpgThere's a rumour that an actress in negotiations for the new Sam Mendes directed Bond film is set to play a rather iconic role, that of Miss Moneypenny, the assistant of M at MI6 and the regular flirt for Bond.

While the casting is interesting news, and good news since the actress involved is such a fine one, there's something else that catches my eye about this story. This is an aspect of the traditional Bond that's making its way into the new Bond.

You'll remember that Casino Royale (Filmstalker review) was the reboot of Bond, Daniel Craig was playing Bond from the beginning as he received his licence to kill and began being 007. It was the first story in a trilogy that went awry with the poor Quantum of Solace (Filmstalker review), and we thought might continue with one more film to complete the transformation to the Bond we know today.

That may well still happen with the Sam Mendes directed Daniel Craig starring Bond that we're due to see next with Bond 23, but the announcement that another character from the previous world of Bond is to arrive in Bond 23 indicates that there is at least one more step towards the old Bond.

I wonder how far these steps are going to take us? Are we going to end up very close to the original Bond? All the way there but with a harder edge? Or is there going to be a natural point where we stop? Is Mendes' Bond going to complete the trilogy and span the gap to our new franchise Bond or is he still evolving?

Right now it's not clear but The Daily Mail through The Playlist tell us that Naomie Harris is perhaps the woman who will play another character to bridge the gap between new and old Bond as she is currently in final negotiations to play Miss Moneypenny.

There's not much more on the story, but we do know that Bond 23 is set for a strong comeback as it features Daniel Craig and Judi Dench, of course, and possibly appearing are Javier Bardem and Ralph Fiennes whom the story says have also just signed.



This film is shaping up well, and the annouced cast prove that. I'm warming to the annoucement of Miss Moneypenny's return, and Naomie Harris is a nice choice to play that role. The progess on this film sure does get me excited.

Same here, I just hope they can write a proper closing act for this film and well before they get to filming, we do not need to see another QoS.

Saying that, would you like to see the trilogy completed Billy? Do you like the move towards the old Bond?



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