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Live blogging the Orange BAFTAs 2011

BAFTA.jpgWelcome to the 2011 coverage of the Orange British Academy Film and Television Awards from Filmstalker. This year the coverage will be live from the red carpet and during the live show before it's televised, and as usual there's a live event below to capture everything we, and of course you, are saying.

The event runs on Sunday the 13th of February from around 15:15 15:45 (just updated) London time. The weather is said to be wet, but that won't dampen the excitement of the event and the pictures and live chat from the press pen right on the red carpet, which is where Filmstalker will be.

Well when I say Filmstalker, I unfortunately don't mean me. I am gutted to say I couldn't make the event this year so I asked around if anyone would want to go in my place and represent Filmstalker, amazingly there were a few who said no and couldn't make it either, but a local London Filmstalker reader and colleague raised his hand eagerly. So while I'm assisting from my desk at home and watching the event on television, Age will be there soaking up the event atmosphere.

During the event you'll be able to follow AgeMurph from the red carpet from 15:15 15:45 through to 18:30. That’s the entirety of the red carpet event, well before the 19:30 televised highlights. He’ll be texting what happens and sending us photos of the stars and the events on the red carpet.

Once that’s over AgeMurph will head to a live screening of the awards ceremony running from 19:30, again well before the televised show, and so you’ll know the winners as they are announced on stage.

You’ll be able to comment live on the photos and the events, and I'll be providing coverage from back at Filmstalker base camp with polls running as the awards are being announced, just to see if we’re right.

Here’s the action, we're live!:

Remember before the event there's the rundown of nominees which you can see on the Orange British Academy Film Awards 2011 site, and there's the very important Orange Wednesdays Rising Star Award 2011 where you can still get a vote in for who you think should win, be quick though, by the time this is live the chance will be gone.

If you want to follow on television as well, the BAFTA timetable tells us that the coverage will be:

Red Carpet: Sky News - 16:30-17:00 then BBC News - 17:00-18:30 and BBC Three - 19:30
BAFTA Show: BBC One - 21:00 or BBC America - 20:00
Additional Red Carpet and Behind the Scenes: BAFTA Site

There are additional worldwide channels showing the event from Latin America to France and across Europe, you can find out more on the BAFTA information page linked above. See you there!



Have you seen Gerard Butler yet?

It was great tweeting with you last night Richard. Let's do it again come the Oscar's!



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