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Jonah Hex preview online

Now is it just me or am I thinking Van Helsing in the wild west? Oh no I'm tempted to make a record scratching sound and leap into a Will Smith song. There are quite a few film memories that this will spark off in your mind, and those are the two that hit me immediately.

Mind you, Jonah Hex is supposed to be much cooler than those films, although you might be forgiven for thinking otherwise watching the extremely short teaser of footage online.

The film is the adaptation of the comic book where Jonah Hex is a western anti-hero who stands up for the rights of the innocent, and from all accounts that's the way the film version will go too.

It does seem that it's going to be trying to build itself up to be something stronger than this teaser might suggest, Josh Brolin, John Malkovich, Michael Fassbender, Aidan Quinn, Michael Shannon and Megan Fox are all set to star.

You can see the teaser footage for Jonah Hex from SyFy, which is very short, right here. It's interesting, and I'd ask that you watch it and see what springs to your mind about it.




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