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Arthur remake changes sex

Not of Arthur, although that would usually be something we expect of Hollywood remakes of classic films, but instead it's the classic butler role played by Sir John Gielgud. Now that role will be a female nanny.

At first glance you might wonder why a grown man would need a nanny, but then Russell Brand is playing the lead character, so that's maybe your reason right there!

Keeping with the casting of a great actor in the original film, Helen Mirren is the one set to play the role of Hobson in the remake, Hobson the long term nanny who Arthur turns to for assistance when he discovers the will which should have given him the family fortune, and it is a fortune, has a surprising clause.

The clause is that he must marry an equally rich and socially upstanding woman, even though he doesn't love her. What's worse is that he falls in love with an everyday woman, and finds himself torn.

Peter Baynham wrote the script, you'd know him from the scripts for Borat and Brüno (Filmstalker review), and will be directed by Jason Winer, who has directed a few odd episodes of television shows here and there according to Variety.

Doesn't sound overly promising, although I guess the more I think about Russell Brand the more I see that he has the right character for the role, although I can't help but still love Dudley Moore's performance, and Helen Mirren certainly carries the acting weight for the film. Still, why remake it? Next we'll hear that it's getting retrofitted with 3D!




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