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The Karate Kid new trailer online

I was rather taken with the previous trailer for the remake and relocation of The Karate Kid, made better in no small part by Jackie Chan seemingly playing it seriously. Well now there's another trailer out for the film and this one keeps the tone tough and serious, and the action looks pretty damn good.

Once again I'm surprised by the film, and how Jaden Smith is pulling off some of these moves, he's obviously been practicing a very long time and it's paying off for the film.

You can see the new trailer for The Karate Kid below, and see the new "wax on, wax off" is going to be the jacket. I think this just might work, and I'm willing to say I'm surprised and perhaps even wrong in my initial thoughts of it being another poor remake.

There's some good moments of the philosophy of Karate and martial arts, and the original feel and themes of Karate Kid are there too.

However, we do know how far removed trailers can be from the film itself, yet I'm thinking this might be one of these films that turns out as good as the trailer suggests.

Interestingly they've cut out the comic line that comes from Jackie Chan's character after catching the fly in the chopsticks, I wonder if that's a conscious decision to pitch the film at a much more serious level?



I agree Richard, I'm pleased that this looks like it could be a decent film. I get the feeling that the cast/crew have respected the original source material and done it justice. Also it's nice to see Chan in something like this.

I may be the only person in the world that seems to have a problem with the title of this movie. I've studied Kung Fu for 8 years. It is not Karate. They should have stuck with the original title, 'The Kung Fu Kid'. Calling this movie The Karate Kid just highlights the West's ignorance of the East.

It's nice to see Chan being serious in a western film, or at least a trailer.

Gaz, you're not. I've brought this up a few times in the early stories about the film, Karate and Kung-Fu are not the same.

However the film is being made, and not through ignorance of martial arts, they just want to keep the title the same as the original to cash in while the writers have changed the martial arts in the film.

Wrong indeed.

I'll be really really annoyed if he doesn't do the busted leg kick thing at the end to win the tournament. Apologies if you have not seen the original....but yeah, he wins in that film. With a busted leg. It's great.

I was surprised by the trailer. I love changing the location and how this will retell the movie. How young does that wee guy look though? He doesn't look old enough to WALK, let alone FIGHT.

I did think that too, the kid looks really young. I wonder if he did manage to hit Chan a few times!

Maybe he wins the tournament by headbutting his opponents in the knee?



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