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RoboCop not dead?

RoboCop.jpgWe had been hearing that RoboCop was dead or at least halted, and with Darren Aronofsky not wanting to talk about the project it seemed to confirm things weren't going well. Not to mention the problems with MGM and money, that seemed to put an end to many of their non core films.

Now that's been confirmed, but it seems that the idea is still to make it, and with the same people involved.

David Self talked about the project, and revealed that not only is he still involved, but so is Darren Aronofsky it would seem.

According to his comments through SuperheroHype, they are all waiting to see what happens with MGM and their finances, and once they have the backing, the project moves forward.

He also confirmed that the film isn't a sequel, it's definitely an origin film, and to the original RoboCop no less. That really means it's a prequel...except then he says it's a reboot.

Eh? So this RoboCop won't be a sequel but it will be an origin to the first RoboCop film without being a reboot. Surely that means it's a prequel? Am I getting too hung up on it?!

Anyway, it doesn't matter. Whatever the writer or director want, if MGM don't have the money the project won't happen. Not with them anyway. We'll have to wait and see how they do with Bond and Potter.




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