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Death Race: Frankenstein Lives casting

SeanBean.jpgI'm a little surprised by the casting announcement for Death Race: Frankenstein Lives, because I thought this was going to be a terrible and cheap prequel to the already pretty poor Death Race 2000 prequel, however the casting either suggests a big budget to pull in enough strong actors or that it's actually something more than that.

We already knew that Luke Goss was set to lead the film as the first Frankenstein, or maybe not the first as they might do another prequel, but it's the names around him that are surprising.

In the story that sees Luke Goss playing a man framed by the mob for killing a police officer and sent to prison where he begins his life as the Frankenstein character in the Death Race, Sean Bean has been announced to play his mob boss, Ving Rhames the media mogul who starts the Death Race and Danny Trejo as his buddy in prison.

The casting reveals for Death Race: Frankenstein Lives come from ShockTillYouDrop.

Now tell me that this reflects the cheap prequel of the cheap prequel idea. The casting certainly doesn't and suggests that there's a bit more budget there than first thought, or perhaps the film is better than we were giving it credit for?

I'm really not so sure now. Of course these roles could be minor to set-up the story, but at the same time there's the suggestion...

Of course let's put this in context. The first prequel wasn't that great and the idea isn't mind blowing is it? Plus it's not even Paul W.S. Anderson directing this one, it's Roel Reiné. Surely there's not a great deal of hope for it, even with Sean Bean.

At least it's not 3D...Did I speak too soon?




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