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Streetdance 3D trailer online

Streetdance.jpgThe trailer for the British 3D street dancing film, imaginatively entitled Streetdance 3D, has arrived online and it's looking...well, it's looking like any other dancing film, except there are whooshes and the big build up to say "in 3D".

Oh dear. The trailer doesn't give us a hint at a story, but the blurb thankfully does, and that's right here alongside the trailer for you to watch, which isn't in 3D.

"In order to win the Street Dance Championships, a dance crew is forced to work with ballet dancers from the Royal Dance School in exchange for rehearsal space."

Amazingly Charlotte Rampling stars in Streetdance 3D, but it's the fact that the Britain's Got Talent 2009 winners Diversity are starring in the film along with runners up Flawless and 2008 winner George Sampson that should really interest those into dancing and street dancing alike.

On the acting side, as well as Rampling we see Nichola Burley as the leading lady who also starred in Donkey Punch (Filmstalker review).

Here's the trailer to see what to expect from the film...dancing.



This film looks great, cant wait for it to come out, i'll definitely be watcing it! :D

this film looks well good :L i can't wait until it coems out me and my besto are so excited :P my fav song is we dance on aswell so am happy haha :L xxx

One of my favourite dance films! If you can get it in 3D I recommend it as it's brilliant. Also with talent like Diversity you would be crazy to give it a miss.



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