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Happy New Year from Filmstalker!

Fireworks.jpgI hope you've had a great holiday, and if you celebrate the New Year then I really hope you had a good evening and a happy close to 2009. Now we're looking to 2010, and another year of Filmstalker, it's fourth year in fact.

2010 has a nice sounding ring to it, and it's looking like an interesting year for film – you'll read more about that later when I cover the films of 2010 to watch out for.

That's not all though, remember there's still the Best Films of the Decade to complete, 2009 will be posted very soon then the final voting for the Best Film of the Decade.

Plus there's the Stalker's Top Tens to get through, and you can submit your own Top Ten list too, about anything film related. Check out one of the Top Tens to see how to get your own list published.

So it's a strong start to the year for Filmstalker, although personally I'm tired and starting to feel a little worse for wear, it was a late night and many beers and cocktails were consumned.

Here's to a good 2010, and huge thanks for visiting the site and participating throughout 2009, it might sound sappy, but it's for you lot that I do all this hard work, the feedback, interaction, discussion and debate is what I love the most, so keep it coming in 2010 and let's see if we can't ramp it up a notch or two.

Have a great start to 2010, and here's to the rest of the year.




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