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Zak Penn talks The Avengers

Anyone who has the job of writing The Avengers, has quite a task on their hands. With at least four superheros to bring together, who have all had their own individual films, but who all need to come together at some stage

The man who actually has that job is Zak Penn, and he has been talking about how it is all coming together.

The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor could all be appearing in The Avengers. Although The Incredible Hulk's appearance is perhaps still a bit unsure. Zak Penn is writing the screenplay, and he is enjoying the difference in writing for Marvel, as opposed to writing for the last two X-Men films. He told SciFiWire, through First Showing.net, that he had wanted to bring the Fantastic Four into those films. Only to be rebuffed by Fox. Marvel he says is a different story altogether.

It is a world of difference; it is a lot easier to do things like that, and they encourage it. They're doing Captain American and Thor first, and then Avengers is coming out. They want to see that they're all connected, not like the Fantastic Four can't come into the X-Men world, like I was told. I'm taking a meeting next week with the Thor and Captain America people, and we are all going to get together, and I will see what is going to happen. I'll see where they are leaving the characters; it's pretty complicated. ... There's a board that is tracking what is happening. [We'll see] how this movie overlaps in that movie. ... Marvel is autonomous now. It is night and day: Everyone has read every comic. They know how to make a cool movie.

It sounds like quite an operation, all these different characters, who could really end up anywhere at the end of their films. It's going to take quite a story to get them together. I'm pretty excited to see how they do it. Penn though, isn't taking success for granted.

It's hard to make a good movie. We all have the best intentions, and it still might suck.

My word, honesty, I like it. Let's hope for a good film. Marvel have a pretty good track record, especially recently. I really hope they pull The Avengers off. It all seems so unlikely, when you think of all the different people involved. It would be a big achievement.

Are you looking forward to The Avengers? Do you think they can bring all these characters together and make a good film?




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