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Leterrier says too many superhero films

Hulk.jpgWith The Incredible Hulk only just released, the director Louis Leterrier has been voicing his concerns that there are too many superhero films around. With Hulk out and Iron Man already been and gone, Leterrier says the market is in danger of becoming too saturated.

It's something I've thought for a while, but Hollywood does tend to go through phases. However,Leterrier suggests that crossovers may be the way to stop cinemas being flooded with superhero films.

Louis Leterrier was talking to MTV Movies Blog through The Guardian. He expresses how nervous he was making The Incredible Hulk, knowing what films had been released already this year, and the films still to come.

I actually got a little scared while I was making the movie. I saw the slate of the movies that were coming out this summer: Iron Man and Hulk, and then you have Batman and Hancock, and later you'll have Watchmen.It's getting a little oversaturated in superhero films, and at one point they're probably going to get boring. Especially if it's the same type of story - either the defender of the earth, Superman kind of superhero or self-doubting Spider-Man, Hulk kind of superhero.

He has a point, but as we know if Hollywood finds something that works they milk it for all they can. And with the number of films still scheduled over the next few years it's not going to let up. He seems to think that the way to keep things fresh is to concentrate more on crossovers. World War Hulk was one example mentioned, which includes Hulk,Iron Man and X-Men.

What do you think, will the never ending series of superhero films wear thin? Or as long as they are good will there always be a place for them? Are cross overs the way to go, but perhaps sacrificing the kind of character development you get from individual films?



Well the superhero genre is rather large, and I think the real problem is the way that studios are making the superhero films and which superhero stories they are turning to.

Stories like Watchmen are really offering something different to the norm in the genre, but studios are just so scared to make them, look how long it took to bring to the big screen.

What about the Night Watch trilogy or the upcoming Wanted (if it hasn't been too radically sanitised), Iron Man even did something a little different, then there's Hellboy.

I think there's enough variety from the norm out there, I just wish they would make more away from the norm, after all there are so many out there.



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