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Writers strike to end?

Book.jpgThe long running strike by the Writers Guild of America could be close to an end. The three month long strike has brought production on well known TV shows and films to halt. It seems however that the WGA have been talking to the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers over the weekend, and a deal may not be far off.

AP through , reports that the two parties have reached a tentative agreement on the main issue. That being how the writers are compensated for programmes which are streamed on the internet, after appearing on TV. It could be that a deal will be agreed early this week. Details are a little thin on the ground though, as there is supposed to be a media blackout during talks. Here's hoping an agreement is reached and everyone can get back to work.



they have 7 weeks.

there are only 8 episodes of lost to air.
come on...come on...cut a deal and let's move on!

Yeah, I want 24 back in production. There is no rush for Desperate Housewives though, they can take their time....



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