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Death Race footage online

DeathRace2000.jpgThere's footage online of a vehicle from the Death Race 2000 remake, Death Race, from Paul W.S. Anderson and although it's short, we do get to see what the vision is for the new film.

The original film tells the story of a future where a race across country is held every year. It features a long running champion who is almost completely covered by a mask and cape after multiple accidents, a champion who is the meanest and most evil there is. The competition allows competitors to rack up points by killing pedestrians and civilians, something that many people feel is an honour.

Now it seems that the story will be updated rather heavily and we'll see a much more modern, and perhaps realistic, take on the story. We saw that with the first picture being released, and now there's this footage that Bloody Disgusting caught over at [Flash] that reports to be a vehicle from the filming.

You can see the Death Race footage over at YouTube, the poster has decided not to allow embedding, for the life of me I don't know why, probably thinks this will bring him some kind of notoriety.

After seeing the photo and the clip here, what do you think? This might turn out rather interesting, if it weren't for the track record of the director, Paul W.S. Anderson. Mind you what we really only gleam from this is that they are updating Death Race 2000 and camp seems out the window.




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