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Hammer Horror to start Internet filming

Back in May I wrote about the news that the famous British horror film studio, Hammer Horror, had been bought by a Dutch company and were to restart production, however the news all those months back was that it would be producing titles directly to the Internet.

Well it seems that the story has been brought up again over a quiet weekend and we hear that the new company is set to being shooting on the first Internet only film.

Hammer Horror were a huge company back in the day, and are most famous for their run of horrors including the duo of Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing in such films as Dracula, The Mummy, The Brides of Dracula.

The new film, according to Unofficial Hammer Films and Dread Central through Film Ick and the cool Obsessed With Film is called Beyond the Rave and is another Vampire film.

So they are about to start filming after announcing in May, but to me that really isn't the news that we should be looking at, it's what could happen to those great horror films that Hammer Horror created at a time when horror wasn't that widely thought of, the company even managed to out-do Hollywood, for with the purchase of the company comes the sale of the back catalogue of some three hundred films.

At the moment the Dutch company are going to use the Hammer Horror reputation to try and build an Internet horror fan base, which is a great idea, but what will happen to those classic British horrors which rivalled Hollywood and made great names for Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing?

Will we see remakes of these classics, and even worse, will we see Internet only remakes?



Hammer have had a lot of false re-starts down the years. I fear this is yet another.

Some decent DVD box sets would be a good idea for Hammer. Their Dracula, Frankenstein and Mummy movies could all be collected. Perhaps the fact that the films may have had different US distributers may complicate this?



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