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Zombie Movie

Film Four Stars

Another clever short that manages another twist on a tired genre as it shows a zombie invasion from the inside of a car where three friends are trapped.

Out of petrol, they struggle with the remains of food and try to think of a way out of the predicament. Well, to be fair they really don't think that much, they just sit there and argue among themselves, and it works really well.

It's a clever film, with some excellent ideas and scripting. I had a feeling while watching it of Braindead and the like, and I put that down to just the New Zealand connection. Well I did until I saw the titles which mentioned WingNut Films and Peter Jackson himself.

You can see why they got involved. It's a funny story that shows these hapless three doing everything they can not to survive.

There's nothing really in the camera work to talk of as it all takes place inside of the car, but it shows some ingenious scripting to make everything work so well.

The characters are superb, and the way they mess up each situation that is offered to them provides for many a laugh.

How can a film set in a car provide this much fun? Well you'll have to watch and see, because it does deliver.

The whole film is available on Google Video and you can see it below, I'm not sure if this is legally or not, although you can also download the video from the official site using Steam.

Official Zombie Movie site
Dead by Dawn Horror Festival
UK IMDB Film Details




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