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Le Jour du festin

Film Four Stars

This is a clever and imaginative short film which boasts quite high production values. It doesn't follow many conventions and is filled with great setups.

We meet a painter, happily painting his latest picture before we head off to meet two exterminators who are heading off to a farm to clear some termites. When they get there they find that they weren't exactly called to exterminate anything.

I found the cleverness of the tale lay in the plot lines of the two exterminators and how they intersect in their efforts to escape. There are a number of set pieces which have great setups and show that the filmmakers have huge imaginations.

The short is packed with style, moving cameras, fast editing, and some superb crane shots that really set this apart from your average short. It's a fun story too, something the filmmakers haven't forgotten as they bring the story to the screen.

The ending is quite bizarre, and ties up the forgotten painter in a totally surreal tale. Even though the ending might be strange and leave more questions, it doesn't really matter after the fun you've had watching.

However it's not all fun, there's a particularly disgusting moment in there when one of the pair is subjected to the local delicacy. It's a moment of combined revulsion and humour at the same time.

Overall I really liked this short. It's imaginative, stylish, unique, and very enjoyable.

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