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Breakfast at Tiffany's

Film Three Stars

This film is one that has always been talked about but I've never actually watched. Mention George Peppard or Audrey Hepburn and in the responses you'll more than likely hear this film title mentioned.

Breakfast at Tiffany's is a classic, and I had this impression that it was a run of the mill romantic comedy, but when I saw it that impression was totally shattered.

BreakfastatTiffanys.jpgIt turns out to be much darker than you would expect, although it does begin by following many of the standard conventions of romantic comedies. It does start out with the two beautiful and seemingly single quirky characters who don't quite manage to connect instantly, but the darkness creeps in a line or hinted scene at a time, and ir's quite subtly done.

Slowly the characters are revealed for who they really are and the situations they find themselves in grow darker and more complex. This change is slow, but surprising none the less. It's this change that hit me and made me realise that the film has so much more to offer than you would first think.

The story is a great one, and a traditional one, but the layers of real people and harsh and empty lives adds something real to it, and although fanciful, adds something you can connect with and believe in.

The two leads are great. Peppard is by far the better actor, and this role adds a little regret to his later career which is filled with war roles and memories of the A-Team.

Hepburn is, well, a painfully thin Hepburn. She is good to watch but there's nothing wildly exciting about her and she most definitely plays herself. She's a little too polished at times and I find it hard to see what everyone finds in her performance here, Peppard is the show stealer.

I'm going to avoid both the picture and audio categories in this review as this may be remastered, but it's still an old film. The picture is quite sharp and clean though, and there's no discolouration or marking to distract you from the film itself.

Overall it's funny, heartwarming, touching and gives us two great actors in great character roles.

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Only three stars? It is a lovely film!

Yes but the review is for the DVD Patrick, not just the film itself, it has to take into account the DVD offering, which had nothing but the film.



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