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300 standing ovation at Berlin

300.jpgNow I'm confused, according to the press releases 300 received a standing ovation at the Berlin Film Festival from the seventeen hundred strong audience. Zack Snyder, Gerard Butler and Rodrigo Santoro were in attendance and there doesn't seem to be anything of the Cinematical mentioned booing and walking out.

One has to wonder what is going on, however all will be clear come tomorrow as I get to see a the film in a London cinema, I'm heading off down there at great personal expense to bring you a review of the film and clear up this matter.

Frankly I really can't believe that it's as bad as Cinematical are saying, especially since the screening actually seemed to go superbly. Especially since it is currently sitting at nine out of ten with over one thousand votes at IMDB. Yes, I think Cinematical might have just been in the wrong cinema!

The story comes from Coming Soon who also carry a couple of photos of the screening, with the aforementioned Mr Butler.



I've just got back from a London advance screening. After 3 hours sleep last night and not being that excited about the trailer I nearly gave it a miss. So glad I didn't - it's no exaggeration to say the film totally blew me away. The sound and visuals are absolutely stunning. I can't recall a film so stylistically consistent, original and breath-taking. Anybody who walked out on this after 15 minutes or who laughed at bits that weren't meant to be funny just doesn't like movies. Period. This is one of those films that really needs to be seen on the big screen with a great sound system - DVD won't do it justice. I guess the closest thing stylistically to it is "Sin City" but this is so much bigger than that film was. Awesome film!

Wow, you guys are so lucky. It's ages until I will get chance to see this on the big screen.

Can't wait to read your review Richard, hope it's as good as the awesome trailer!

Who's writing the press releases, though?

There was some controversy last year over the Australian film 2:37, which I don't know if you followed or not. Amongst the various claims that were made against the film were that the people behind it put out press releases regarding a long standing ovation it received at Cannes which were, shall we say, not altogether honest. Not as extreme a difference between standing ovation and mass walkouts, but reports of a 15-minute standing ovation for 2:37 were allegedly well exaggerated.

I'm not saying that something similar is necessarily happening here, mind you, but it's not an impossibility, cos when you've got two really diverging reports of an event, they can't both be right. The divergence of opinion you describe in the other post between Cinematical and IGN is one thing; divergence of reported fact is something else.

As I understood the divers reports are about to different screenings. I've at the premiere at the Berlinale among 1700 viewers and it was truely attatched with standing ovations and amazed applause. But I can not say anything about the other one...
Apparently the movie seems to polarize its audience...
But I relly liked it very much.
Its an astonisching piece of modern cine-art. There are so many perspectives, fast camera moves and a quite extraordinary mantage-technique, which give the movie such an exceptional appereance!



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