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Silver Surfer teaser in HD online

SilverSurfer.jpgSo the moment has arrived, the Silver Surfer can be seen in the High Definition teaser trailer for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer which is now online and comes close on the heels of the alleged pirated version.

I have to say that I'm pretty unimpressed, as much as I was with the blurry teaser. There was nothing that really got me going wow, although there were a few moments that made me think that some of the Surfer would be cool. His movements are brilliant, Doug Jones has done that well, and the passing through his surf board to look out the bottom is a nice touch too. Still, seeing him didn't make me go "Oh wow! There's the Surfer! The character I started reading about when I was first into comics". Mind you, can they compete with that? Not much of the Four in the teaser either.

You can see for yourself by heading over to Apple Trailers [QT:S:M:L:HD:iPod].

I don't know. I know I was looking at both he and the Torch and thinking that they just looked so CGI they stand out from the reality around them. What do you think? Is there something particularly wrong with the character, or is it too early to make a call?



Yeah, bummer for them that Terminator 2 put a very similar character on the screen years ago.


I was floored by the framing, the shots themselves and the direction. I was really let down by the cgi and I wasn't really too thrilled with the score of the trailer. Very very low key. But hey. You know me. I'll find something to praise about anything...

...In all seriousness, Richard, I've seen some really "bad" looking CGI in high res on a computer screen that ended up looking great on the silver screen and DVD. I don't know why that is, but It's true. Maybe it's that the shots aren't finished. I don't know.

There's also this to consider...when I watched the Hulk movie, which everyone says is fake, I realized that the main reason it looked fake was that the character was so bright green. Well, that's the character. You can't have a 10 foot tall neon green dude on a screen that actually looks real. The human brain will detect it and it will pop out. Same deal here. You get to a point with characters like the surfer and the torch, and, no matter how good you do them, the human mind will automatically draw a line around them and call it out, so to speak.

That said, this trailer didnt' do what it should have done. But I'll still look forward to the movie. The FF film wasn't as in your face and hard assed as the X men, Superman, or other comic movies. It was, however, great fun. And the surfer did pull off some moves that I thought were cool int eh trailer.

I'm still optimistic.

I agree with the first point mogulus, I've seen that too with CGI, big screen the effects look much better.

However I don't agree with the second point. If that were true then how was I pulled into the creatures in Pans Labyrinth or Hellboy, or Lord of the Rings and Narnia for example? The same issue just wasn't there for them.

Yeah, it just didn't do much at all other than announce the Surfer himself. Which I guess is all that it needed. Oh, and tag on that the Four are there somewhere.



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