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Rhona Mitra joins Neil Marshall

Rhona Mitra has signed up for Neil Marshall's latest film Doomsday. You'll remember Marshall for writing and directing the excellent Dog Soldiers and the superb The Descent (review), two films that share many similarities of great writing and dialogue, and some wonderfully acted characters.

Mitra, however, may not be known to you so well. I remember her from being the first or second Tomb Raider girl. I think she was second after Nell McAndrew, or that may be the other way round my memory fails me. However I also remember from the scene in The Hollow Man where I thought "Tomb Raider naked!", well almost, another childhood dream missed.

She's also recently starred in the warring werewolf film Skinwalkers, and is also in The Number 23 (trailer) and the interesting sounding Shooter alongside Danny Glover and Mark Wahlberg in the new Antoine Fugua film - Fuqua brought us Training Day and Tears of the Sun (review). So, to get back to the thread, she's starting to look like she's getting noticed and pulled into some stronger roles. With the addition of starring for Marshall in his first sci-fi film, her slate is really looking good.

According to The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon the film:

is set three decades after a lethal virus tore through a major country, leading to the country's walling off. When the virus, known as the Reaper, resurfaces in another country, an elite group is dispatched to the infected country to find a cure. There, they end up shut off from the rest of the world and must battle through a landscape that has become a waking nightmare.

Mitra will play the leader of the elite group and the film is set to start production early next year.

After Dog Soldiers and Descent, I'm really keen to see Marshall's next project. I feel he's got a great hand for writing and directing and bringing through real characters and conversations, characters you can believe in. I wonder if this is a continuing rise for Mitra?



I had this written up earlier this afternoon and just realised that it has been sitting there unpublished! Damn...



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