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Godfather sequels in production?

We've heard rumours about a Godfather IV before, but now there are rumours that two sequels are in the works over at Paramount right now.

According to an inside source Paramount have moved the two Godfather sequels onto the active development slate just this month, and the films will be based on the two novels by Mark Winegardner, and .

According to one of Moviehole's sources through UK IGN, the films are expected to begin within the next year, and that there will be complete recasting for both.

I think that's a shame because Al Pacino could carry off these films, although I don't know the timelines of either of the books, Pacino can still carry a mean performance. Would you like Pacino back, or is a completely new cast called for? Has anyone read these books and can they give us some commentary on how they go - without spoilers.



I dont have these titles, but I have read the other Winegardner, The Godfather: The Lost Years and I wasnt very thrilled about it. This book still has Michael Corleone (Pacino's character) in it.

To me, what would make a good Godfather 4 plot is if they carry on a Vincent Mancini Corleone story, maybe following what they did with a younger Vito Corleone (played by Robert de Niro in Godfather 2) and if Andy Garcia is back as Vincent, I am positive that he will be able to pull it off.

They´d better leave the thing as it is.

As long as Coppola as involved I will be interested, but if he ain't, it's all moot.



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