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What's that song in that film?

VinylRecord.jpgHave you ever heard a song from a film and wondered what it was, despite managing to look up the soundtrack listing still been confused? After all some films carry multiple soundtracks, and some songs aren't even in the film, I've even seen (heard) it the other way round, where songs in the film aren't on the soundtrack. So how do you manage to find that song that caught your ear?

The answer is a new website called Soundtrack Info which not only lists soundtracks and the songs, but you can also ask questions about the soundtrack and get other readers to answer.

If only they did adverts. Ages ago I was stuck on the American Express advert where the Asian gentleman stops the car in the middle of nowhere, heads to a phone, makes a call and the song "You make me so very happy..." plays aloud. So the question for Monday is anyone know who sang it?



Just wondering, do you remember it now Rich? ;D

Yeah, I downloaded it.

It was, I think, Perry Como and then covered by Blood Sweat and Tears...but you try finding the Perry Como version. Nowhere.



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