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An Inconvenient Truth

Film Five Stars

This was, by far, the best documentary of the EIFF. Not only that but I believe it should have been a contender for best film of the festival.

The film shows Al Gore as you've probably never heard or seen him before, certainly for non-US residents anyway. It films him giving an environmental speech, one he's given for years and tailored as he travels from city to city.

The speech is an incredibly powerful one and is mixed in with key moments from Gore's life that explain how he came to this topic in the first place, and why he continues to give the speech.

Through this there are some incredibly personal and powerful moments, but the strongest come through the presentation itself. Using past historical figures, not projected futures, time lapsed photographs, and other similar content, he presents an incredible message. One that should shock and surprise you, and definitely moved me.

Surprisingly he also addresses all the negative points that are out there to try and debunk the global warming theory, and shows us who is really in charge of the US environmental policy.

The documentary has been very well edited and Gore comes across as an incredibly charming, warm, genuinely caring guy. One is left to wonder just what would have happened had Bush not been controversially elected President by the Senate rather than Gore by popular vote in the actual election.

It's powerful and eye opening stuff, and all presented in a very audience friendly style. Engaging, commanding, and utterly damning using hard facts and evidence, it's a stunning documentary that should scare you and perhaps even move you.

There were a couple of moments I was moved to tears, and several where I was shocked at some of the information and ashamed that my country was pissing about doing next to nothing about it. Come the end of the film I felt a deep rooted purpose and desire to do something about this, because I could change something.

Visit Climate Crisis to find out more about the documentary and understand more about what we can do, because another strong positive is that Gore focuses on what we as individuals can do, and how this affects the frightening near future.

You must see this film, I really mean it. It's on my unmissable list, as well as my re-watch and purchase lists.

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I am watching it this weekend Rich, and will tell you what I think. Have you read Gore's 60 second interview from the Metro, he was very funny, oh no you couldnt, as you were working from home today. ;D

Bunch of pseudo-science and half truths.

I suggest you read Michael Crichton's "State of Fear."


What?! Oh Vic, I can't believe you'd just dropped that in there without backup. Whole heartedly disagree. Fantastic stuff, well presented, and well backed up.

Crichton's book is dire.

Most of the global warming that has taken place since 1900 happened BEFORE 1940. If you want info to back up what is in Crichton's book, just look to the *hundreds* of footnote references in his book.

I think that all this hysteria is like looking at a one month snapshot of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and ignoring the 50 years that came before. Zoom out to geologic time and it is apparent that we are just in yet another cyclical event that spans hundreds or thousands of years.

Although the following is a Blackhat SEO site, I concur completely with what is in this post:



Well I wholeheartedly don't. I don't see how saying something is lies and then saying "this is actually the truth" makes it the truth. I saw more evidence in An Inconvenient Truth, and other programs on the subject, to make me believe this is happening now. A lot of the issues that are raised in that post are actually addressed in An Inconvenient Truth.

You say tomAto, I say tomAHto. :-)


Actually I say TomAHto. I'm Scottish. Actually I've just said it to myself and I think I say toma-o. The final t seems to get a little lost.

After I posted I figured I had it backwards since I'm a 'merican. :-)




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