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Rise of the Silver Surfer

SilverSurfer.jpgYes, that's the new title for Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Bit of a mouthful, could we drop the Fantastic Four bit please?

With this new title there's a nice little tease that we might just be looking at more appearances from the Surfer in the future, so no matter how Surfer-Lite this film gets played there's hope that he might get his own outing in the future.

Yet with such a big placing in the title, and such a dramatic one as well, you can't help but think that Surfer is going to feature heavily in this film. Which do you think? Surfer-Lite or Surfer-Phat?



Sounds Surfer-Phat. And like you mentioned, it sounds like they're setting him up for his own movie.

And let's not forget why there's a Silver Surfer in the first place--I'm hoping we get at least a peek at Galactus.

They really should drop the FF4 and just do a Surfer movie, all the excitement is for the surfer no one really cares about another FF4 movie.

I can see why they're doing it this way, at least--it's kind of like when you temper eggs to bring them slowly to the temperature of whatever you're cooking. If they put the Surfer in a movie with already-recognizable characters, or at least in recognizable settings, they can better warm up the audiences for a full Silver Surfer experience. I just don't know why they're putting him in the F4 movie. It's almost like they're asking for an assist. It would be really cool to see him in Spiderman.

Actually I think they're not as positive as warming up the audience, I think they're testing the water to see how well Surfer would be received. If it does well and their demographics say that Surfer was a lot to do with it then you'll probably find we'll get a full Surfer film.

So keep hoping.



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