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New cast member for 1408

MaryMcCormack.jpgMary McCormack has joined an already strong cast for 1408, Mikael Håfström's adaptation of the Stephen King short story. John Cusack and Samuel L Jackson are already signed up.

Variety through Coming Soon carries the news of the latest addition. McCormack has appeared in two of the most popular television series in recent years, The West Wing and ER. 1408 follows a supernatural writer, played by Cusak, who checks into the notorious room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel. He does so hoping to prove that mysterious goings on there are just a coincidence, but gets more that he bargained for.



Great news - I'm very fond of Mary McCormack particularly for her appearances in 'The West Wing', and with a cast that already includes Samuel L Jackson and John Cusack who is always intersting to watch, I can't help but be excited about this film.

The moment I saw John Cusack's name I started jumping up and down! ;D



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