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Naboer (Next Door)

Film Four Stars

Naboer (Next Door) is a very powerful and unsettling film that keeps you on edge for much of the movie. I found that at times it was quite violent, and some may object to this as it touches quite a controversial subject. However it does make a great movie and it hits hard.

Something you notice from the outset is how well it's filmed. Perhaps that was more down to the number of not so well filmed movies I've seen these two weeks, but it does have a very sharp style to it.

The writing and editing manage to keep the tension high and ensure that the film is continually moving, even though the filming only takes place in two apartments and a hallway, apart from a brief move outside to work which doesn't really upset the films pace or mood.

The film is slowly revealed piece by piece, and although you may think you have a handle on what's happening there are still plenty of surprises, and even if you do know there's so much gained in the excellent reveals and build up.

There's a continual unsettling feeling throughout the film which rises with the tension as pieces of the story are revealed.

John, played by Kristoffer Joner, is very good. He provides a very convincing portrayal of a man slowly descending into confusion and darkness.

As I said some of the scenes are quite shocking in their violence, and could well be construed as upsetting to some. However they are very relevant to the story, and without them the tale would not be as effective.

What surprised me is that most films such as this would have a reveal, tie up a few lose ends and then close, however here the traditional reveal comes quite early, but then the film continues to deliver more, including surprises. For a while I wondered where it was all going.

A very good film, which is well conceived, written and directed with some really nice cinematography. Joner is a great actor and plays his part with real passion.

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