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Clint honoured with Golden Boot

ClintEastwood.jpgClint Eastwood has been awarded a Founders Award by the Motion Picture & Television Fund. The groups annual Golden Boot awards were held on Saturday. The Golden Boot awards highlight people in the film and television industry, who have kept up the Western tradition on both the big and small screen.

Guardian Unlimited, reports that the Unforgiven director was presented with the award by his Million Dollar Baby co-star Morgan Freeman. The Founders Award has only been given 8 times in the 24 years that the ceremony has been taking place, Clint is also only the second director to receive it after John Ford.

What do you think, is Clint worth such an accolade, or is there someone else you would rather was honoured?



I have only seen 2 Westerns with Clint Eastwood in them, 'The Outlaw Josey Wales', and 'Unforgiven'. I am catching up on my Westerns film viewing (I saw The Magnificent Seven last weekend and LOVED it!) and for sure there will be many films that would have him in it. Any recommendations from you guys will be most welcome!

Louise, would you know the other recipients to this award? What about Kevin Costner? He's done 'Dances With Wolves' which I have seen and enjoyed, and 'Open Range', which I have heard is also brilliant.

I think the only director to win it...oops, Louise mentioned it in the story...was John Ford.

Simone, Eastwood is in an upcoming feature (it's three days overdue at the moment) and I heartily recommend looking away from his western work, although for westerns see Pale Rider for a corker that I love. Unforgiven is his best.

For directing, see Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby, and watch out for that feature!

I have seen both 'Mystic River' and 'Million Dollar Baby'. I also love Clint Eastwood's non Western's resume. Just not sure if the Oscar win for Best Director for 'Million Dollar Baby' was deserving because I was batting for Marty that year.

Will be waiting for that feature! ;D

I can´t compare anyone to John Ford. Not anyone alive. But Clint Eastwood´s career, as a whole, is impressive and honour desserving.

I'd certainly echo Peter's sentiments regarding Eastwood's career. However you measure lifetime acheivement he has to rank up there.

Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, John Ford, Clayton Moore, Charles "Buddy" Rogers and Dale Evans have all won it before.

Ok so I'll confess to knowing two of them.



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