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Air Guitar Nation

Film Five Stars

Oh lord, I've just seen the future and the future is Air. This documentary is the best film of the Edinburgh International Film Festival so far and a clear contender to win the Filmstalker EIFF Hotdog award.

Air Guitar Nation is exceptionally funny. It's very self depreciating but it's also very touching, serious, and before you know it, come the finals, you believe in it, you want to applaud at the performances, you're tapping you feet to the music, and you're rooting for your favourite to win and your least to lose.

During the screening there was plenty of laughing, and loads of people leaving with huge grins on their faces. This film rocked.

C-Diddy.jpgStrangely, as the film continues you feel yourself believing in C-Diddy and almost angry at Bjorn Turoque for going up against the official US competitor at every opportunity. This is perhaps the most surprising part of the film, because despite all the humour you really do start believing in these characters and their ability to win. Indeed you find yourself rooting for them.

The editing and structure of the film are spot on and manage to build the tension, pull you into these characters, and actually care about the competition, all the time enjoying the wild ride. What they manage to do is build on the serious aspect of the film from the hilarious and very satirical moments to a point where, despite the ongoing laughter, you're a fan of this world, and of the stars.

Yes, it does poke fun at the competition and the competitors, but you'll notice that they are also poking fun at themselves, well in the US at least. When the competition moves to Finland you find these competitors are much more serious about their Air Guitaring and they don't take kindly to the US players.

Overall this is a great film to watch and a superb documentary. Everything about it is perfectly crafted and despite how you might feel about the content, you'll be pulled in through the laughter and start to enjoy. The joy and excitement of these characters does come through on screen, as well as their slight insanity, but in such a fun way you'll be laughing along with them.

Seriously, you will enjoy this so much. It's an hilarious journey, and you'll be smiling whenever you hear a guitar track for a few days after. I now need to know how C-Diddy fared!

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