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The Descent clips online

TheDescent_Poster.jpgI keep forgetting that I saw and reviewed The Descent almost a year ago, I forget the poor US haven't seen this yet. Well just for them there are two clips online now, and my review is clickable above.

The clips are courtesy of Movies Online, there's Blood Fight and Holly falls down the hole. Personally I would recommend not watching any of them, check out my spoiler free review and then wait for the film.

It is a superb horror, and once again brilliantly written and well directed by Neil Marshall. A must see for sure.



Good call Rich,

Liked this flick, if for nothing else, because it was a breath of fresh air for the genre. Defied many conventions and stayed personal. Didn't try to be an epic and stuck to it's guns.

Took a while to get US distribution didn't it? What was the hold up? I wonder if that will help or hinder it's success.

On a point of trivia, can anyone think of any other movies with hugely separated overseas releases?

I wonder what the longest gap between UK and US releases is?

BTW, I heard rumblings a couple of months ago about changing the ending for the US release.

Please say it isn't so.

Same thing happened with Dog Soldiers didn't it? Is Marshall not so concerned with Hollywood and a US audience? I'm not so sure. Perhaps the films are deemed as being UK only, or tested on the UK audience...Perhaps someone can enlighten us.

Ok, so it's not a whole year between releases but the Jeff Bridges comedy The Moguls was released in the UK/Ireland on April 28, 2006. It's now available on DVD since June 26, 2006....

But it doesn't get a US theatrical release until July 21, 2006.



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