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Penn reveals Hulk details

Hulk.jpgZak Penn has been talking about his screenplay for The Incredible Hulk, and although details are light he does give us a few interesting facts.

From theXverse through Moviehole Penn talks about what he liked and didn't like about the original film...

..."loved the action sequences", he "hated super poodles and the idea that Bruce was "born" mutated, rather than the classic, repressed, monster inside of him Banner that I grew up on. Dad story was bad. Fight with tanks good. CG good, but should have been combined with animatronics in my opinion. Split screens were a nice idea but distracting".

Okay, I went with that for the most part, but I thought the split screen stuff was pretty cool and innovative, and I didn't really make that distinction about him being mutated rather than a monster, to me it was the same thing in the movie. He still turned into a monster after being sprayed with Gamma rays...

He also says that it will not be a direct to DVD and there's a lot of money being piled into the film from Marvel, as a result the CGI treatment will stay but mixed with animatronics. So not only will it not be a direct to DVD, but...

"I thought the tone of the TV series was perfect, and something the first movie could have used. I really wanted to see Bruce on the run, keeping his secret from people, constantly afraid of transforming..."

Now that does sound positive too. What do you think? Beginning to sound a lot better than a direct to DVD remake? With the effects treatment, money coming in for a cinema release, and a back to the series treatment, this could actually be good.



I really hope they get this right. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Hulk a lot, but this definitely sounds a lot more promising.

Personally I thought the split-screen stuff was a refreshing idea, almost presenting some scenes as if they were taking place in the frames of a comic book.

As for it being more like the TV show - perfect! I love the idea of Banner on the run. But is it really necessary for it to be a restart? I mean, Hulk ended with Bruce Banner doing just that.... on the run!

I would love to see Eric Bana reprise the role, but they've said it's not happening unfortunately. Just recast and continue!

I really like Ang Lee's version. It was by far the most "grown up" comic book adaptation and therein lies its greatest strength and its greatest weaknesses. It always seemed to me more psychological thriller than comic book movie.

I can see why it didn't go down so well and I would concede that more action (especially in the first half) could have improved its reception (can you have too much action in a comic book adaptation? - I think not - discuss).

I'm not thrilled by the idea of a restart without Ang Lee and Eric Bana, it just doesn't bode well. I can't help thinking of X-Men 3, more action, yes, as good as the first two, not by a long shot.

Even if it does turn out well I still think that over time the first one will gain favour as one of the classier adaptations but perhaps (split screens aside) one of the least comic book like.

Wow, I have to say I am amazed at the positive comments for the first version.

I really liked the split screen effect, and it's a really good point that the film does end with Banner beginning to go on the run. Why couldn't they just pick up with Bana as Banner a few months down the line where he's running from place to place?



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