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Gyllenhaal to play Lance Armstrong

Jake Gyllenhaal has been spotted hanging around with the amazing Lance Armstrong with an eye to playing him in an upcoming movie. Armstrong is famed for winning the Tour de France bike race seven times, even after beating cancer.

According to Deadline Hollywood through CinemaBlend they've been hanging around together for this years Tour de France, and Gyllenhaal has been gearing up to get his name in the race to saddle up and play the part of the most incredible sportsman of our time.

I know...the puns are getting worse. There could be some great stuff to be had here if they couple the Armstrong story with the real inside life of the race, for it has been riddled with controversy behind the scenes. Who knows, if it just concentrates on the man himself is there enough there to keep a two hour film exciting? What other cycling movies have there been? I can remember one, just a vague scene from it, but I can't even remember the actors involved.



Sounds to me like Gyllenhall fancies another shot at an Oscar, and he might just be onto a winner with this. What with the record breaking sporting achievement and the incredible recovery from numerous cancer treatments, sounds like the kind of story that the Academy Awards love to lavish attention on. Personally, I think it sounds interesting and it could make a really great, inspiring movie if handled well. Will definately be keeping an eye on this one.



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