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World of Warcraft movie?

WorldofWarcraft.jpgI've never played World of Warcraft, but a movie of the game? Well it's happening with Warner Brothers having gained the rights along with Blizzard, a company owned by Vivendi the games company. I suppose it's as daft as one of that Dungeon Master game.

From Coming Soon:

While the "Warcraft" franchise has been around for more than a decade, the most recent iteration, the megahit online title "World of Warcraft," has transformed the video game industry.

Unlike most games, where players pay $50 once and play until they're done, more than 6 million people around the world pay $14.99 per month to participate in the multiplayer game.

...and that's where the news ends. There's nothing more, not even a hint of what might happen next, who could be involved, anything. This will be to grab the WoW fans out of their seats and get them hooked into the idea. It'll be interesting to see where this project goes next. Wouldn't it be great if they decided to make it as collaborative and self evolving as the game itself? Nah, it'll never happen.



I happen to work in a video game retail store and I reckon that this is total nerd porn. The MMORPG community is gonna lap this up.

If I have to listen to one more person lecture me over the counter on his level 27 wizard abilities, I'll chew my own left nut off!

I couldnt be less interested but there sure are many who will be.

I wonder if they've ever heard of Uwe Boll?

The game is fucking awesome. But I don´t think it could make a good movie. Because there are like 100 movies in it.

Well the thing is that because the game is so huge, you can do anything you want. You can tell the personal story of one warriors quest, or tell the story of an epic battle that decides the fate of the universe.

I can admit that that would interest any studio and is a pre-production dream, or nightmare as the case may be. Where do you begin?



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