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Los Ojos de Alicia

Film Four Stars

So to the beginning of day three (for me anyway) and another round of shorts, these represent first or second time Directors and represents one of the three sets of audience voting from Dead by Dawn.

Los Ojos de Alicia opens on a bound woman secured in a locked white room, and that is pretty much where the action remains, the only explanation being the narrative from a small television.

The TV has an interesting effect, not only is it driving the main character along through the story, but it is also pushing the audience along with her. Through this technique we really find that we connect with the character and feel part of her situation.

The whole premise in which the character finds herself is very well crafted and written, with strong twists and revelations which are fantastically executed.

One slight let down is that the final pay off does present itself quite easily, even moreso thanks to the two morons sitting beside and behind me who wanted to prove their intelligence by telling everyone the answer!

However this shows great talent from the writer, producer and director Hugo Sanz. I'd love to see a feature from him.

This is a very enjoyable and well crafted horror short, working superbly well in this format. I wonder if this treatment would work if offered on the NHS?




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