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Crouching Tiger prequels

CrouchingTigerHiddenDragon_Poster.jpgThose Weinstein Brothers are in overdrive and have just bought the rights to the series of books by the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon author in order to bring them to the screen...and stage!

According to Coming Soon:

Bob and Harvey Weinstein are planning to bring a legit version of martial arts film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to the stage, and are also developing the five books that encompass "Tiger" as a film franchise of three prequels and a sequel, reports Variety.

They have acquired worldwide rights to develop and produce a stage adaptation of Chinese author Wang Du Lu's "Crane -- Iron Pentalogy," a series of novels that includes "Tiger" as its fourth installment.

So they are all set to come to the stage...don't fear though, the screen is mentioned as well. They will be in Chinese language, and they look set to ask Ang Lee to do the honours. Amazingly, they do not have their eyes set on a remake of Crouching Tiger.

I don't know about you, but most of that story sounds plain silly, until we get to the end. Looks like they are actually approaching the idea of prequels with some reverence and care for the subject matter. Perhaps the Big W isn't as bad as some had thought?



I was very excited when this film came out in 2001 although I didnt get the chance to see it in the cinema so I bought it on DVD. But since I bought it, I have not even watched the DVD and now they are talking about making a prequel? Now if I can just remember where the DVD is.

I haven't seen it yet either. It is on my 'really must get round to seeing it sometime' list. It is high up the list. Along with The Godfather (yip - how embarrassed am I right now!!).

I take it there aren't any actual dragons or tigers in the movie then? If there are, do they fight? ;-)

Oh Dave! You havent seen "The Godfther"??? *shocked*

I would enjoy seeing a Prequel to Crouching Tiger more than a sequel. I hope the same care is taken with the promise of these new films as was taken with first.



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