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Bin-jip (3 Iron)

DVD Four Stars

From the outset this is an unusual film, if you didn't know, the main characters don't speak at all. Well, not entirely true, the female of the lead couple does utter one line and a scream or two, but that's it, and for most of the opening scenes it's just background noise.

Don't let you put you off this film though, because it's also an amazing tale of love and compassion, and is beautifully filmed throughout. Another good choice by the LOVEFiLM engine.


It's fair to say that this movie will be difficult for a lot of mainstream audiences to watch as the main characters never speak, even when they are in situations that will seriously affect their future, they still remain silent. However you soon realise that words are not needed between them, and that only the ancillary characters speak meaningless and wasteful words.

This style produces two wonderful performances from Hyun-kyoon Lee as Tae-suk or Hee Jae and Seung-yeon Lee as Sun-hwa. Both convey such emotion and understanding through their performance and yet they say nothing, and that is something that you really have to credit.

The story carries the very interesting theme of borrowing others lives without them knowing, something which carries throughout the film but is concentrated on in the first half. There are some other beautiful and engaging concepts in the story and just light up the entire film.

Concentrating on the central characters and their growing love for each other, the film provides some tender moments of romance and compassion. This is then coupled with some beautiful cinematography, and with the wonderful acting previously mentioned, you have a beautiful story with a Korean twist.


Presented: Widescreen 1.85:1 Anamorphic Bright, sharp and clear. The picture is excellent throughout and the colours are reproduced very vividly.


Presented: Dolby Digital 5.1 The audio suits the movie perfectly, and although there's a 5.1 track available here it just provides clarity and quality, there's no need for the separated audio in this film of looks and quiet words.


Presented: None A real shame as a commentary here from the Director, Writer and Cinematographer would have been very interesting.


This is a film that is truly beautiful to the heart and the eye, and despite the lack of any DVD extras, it rates very highly. The performances are amazing and the refreshing story told in a unique style is engaging and beautiful to watch.

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