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Is Television taking over the Cinema?

Cinema attendance is dropping we're led to believe, and the fault is firmly placed at the door of piracy by Hollywood. People are more likely to download a movie for free and watch it on their PC than go out for the evening and enjoy a movie at the cinema....

Which films can you watch again and again?

I used to be a big DVD buyer. Any film I really liked would be bought and any film I just liked that was packed with extras would fall on my buying list too. That meant I ended up with a huge collection of DVD's and a distinct lack of...

Banning and Censoring - A necessary evil?

There's been particular focus on this topic of late as Mission Impossible III (review) faces delay and possible cuts in China, more noticeably The Da Vinci Code (review) is banned in some Middle Eastern countries, and now the American army are pushing for cuts on the film Baghdad ER, and...

M. Night Shyamalan - One Trick Pony?

We were talking about the new trailer for Lady in the Water when the discussion turned to M. Night Shyamalan and his writing and directing capabilities. Out of that came a number of quite interesting comments. "Another pointless cameo" and the one I've seen repeated elsewhere, "One trick pony". The...


Tom Cruise - Movie Star or Celebrity Target?

With the build up to the movie release of Mission Impossible III (review) there's been press saturation galore on Tom Cruise, but not so much for the film itself. We've heard about his girlfriend, their baby, his scientology beliefs, and a million and one other things about his personal life....

Historical accuracy in films

A previous discussion about the first 9/11 movie, United 93, brought up a number of quite relevant points. First we discussed if it was too early, and we turned to the example of films coming out from World War II, and that turned us to talk about modern War films...

Which Star Trek film is the best?

After a discussion about how Star Trek could ever work again I began to think about which films did work and why, and that sparked that age old debate, which Star Trek film is the best, and why? I think it's an age thing, so my Dad will tell you...

How have websites affected TV viewing?

Here's an interesting question I received from a reader who is currently writing a paper for their course about how Internet sites that talk about TV shows and upcoming episodes affect peoples viewing choices. It's an interesting question, and if you think back to before you read film and TV...

Favourite Easter film?

It's that time of year where some of us get a long weekend off work, some sit back and eat ourselves full of chocolate, and some will be rolling eggs down hills, for others it will be a period of worship, but for all hopefully family fun. What better way...

Films from Books, are they doomed from the beginning?

I don't recall ever having said, you have to see the film before you read the book, it would always be a recommendation to read the book before the film, but is that right? Should a film stand on its own and be watched without instant comparison to the book...

DVD extras - What features do you want?

The story about the lack of extras on the new Munich DVD showed that there are huge differences of opinion about what should be amongst DVD Extras, and what you actually want to watch. DVD's come with all sorts of additional extras, from the lowest animated menus, all the way...

Which sequels are better than their originals?

Here's an interesting question that's always asked but I never feel really addressed. Which sequels that have been made are actually better than their originals? I'm sure you'd be happy to admit that in most cases the original is never beaten, and it's quite rare to see the sequel do...


Things that happen only in films

I came across a nice little list of Film Clichés, i.e. things that only ever happen in films and not in real life. It's an odd list because there's a lot of them that just aren't true or not funny, but there are a couple of gems in there. For...

Spoilers in trailers

There's a reason that I haven't posted the new trailer for Demi Moore's latest film Half Light, and that's because it's potentially full of spoilers, and it's a growing trend. You can see how difficult it can be. A trailer has to capture the audience above any others being shown...

Time to accept Craig as Bond

The news is out today that the sequel for Casino Royale is underway. Barbara Broccoli is hard at work on an original script and Daniel Craig is already signed up and locked into his second Bond role. Meanwhile hardcore Bond fans are finding it incredibly hard to accept that Craig...

Bringing back the Saturday Serial

I was talking to one of the marketing people over at Ocean Vue Cinemas a while ago about the profits of running a Cinema, and I was genuinely surprised at how little is made in profit by the Cinema on your ticket. We're talking shockingly small amounts, and much as...

Worlds Greatest Actor

There was a superb programme on Channel 4 the other night called, and this was a small boast, The Worlds Greatest Actor. It was one of the series of Top Lists that they often produce, and they're usually really good at it, however this one had a twist. Instead of...

Sexiest moment in film?

The sexiest moments in film have been voted on by a 120,000 strong survey of film fans, and the results are somewhat interesting with spanking proving very popular. Here's the rundown of the top ten: 1. 'Secretary' - Spanking scene 2. 'Brokeback Mountain' - Gyllenhaal and Ledger kiss 3. 'Out...

Grand opening of Filmstalker

Well here we are on the grand opening of Filmstalker, thanks for coming and if you know me from my previous movie writing incarnation, then welcome back. If you don't then I hope that this is going to be an enjoyable experience for us both! If you didn't know, this...

The films to watch in 2006

I started writing a top five list of the films due out in 2006 that I really thought would be worth seeing, and as I worked through the release schedules I found more and more being added on. When I looked at the huge list I realised I was going...


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