Here I'll try and attempt to answer the frequently asked questions that are, well, frequently asked! Hopefully I'll try and pre-empt a few as well.

What's the site about?

You'll find all that answered in the Manifesto, but briefly, films of all sorts from anywhere.

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How can I be updated on new entries? \ What are the site feeds?

There are a number of ways you can be updated on the site. Firstly there are feeds which you can subscribe to through your feed\site reader\aggregator (there are numerous names. These can be web based, installed on your computer, in your browser or email package. I use Bloglines). Filmstalkers Feeds are listed below:

You can receive emails when new comments are made on individual stories, this is easily done by just entering your email address in the comment form and selecting the Subscribe by email to comments made on this entry tick box. Please note that this sends an email to you for confirmation.

If you're particularly mad keen on email, and just don't want to move to feeds (you really should you know) then there's also an email subscription for the entire Filmstalker site. This will tell you when there's any new entry on the site, and you can subscribe by entering your email address right here and pressing the subscribe button:

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Can I get Filmstalker on my mobile?

You certainly can, you can add the site as a widget to your mobile using Widsets, or you can get the latest articles using FeedM8. Both links are below.

Add to my Widsets

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How do you review a film?

Reviews of movies are from any of my local cinemas, the Vue Cinema at Ocean Terminal helps me out a lot, then there's Press screenings and any screeners I might get sent. For DVD's I use my Home Cinema equipment, which comprises:

  • Sony KDL-40X2000 LCD Television
  • Onkyo TX-SR605 Home Cinema Receiver
  • Playstation 3 / Blu-Ray player via HDMI through Onkyo to TV
  • Playstation 2 connected via component RGB, Amp via optical
  • Multi-Region Pioneer DV-717 connected to TV via S-Video, Amp via digital coax
  • XBox 360 connected to TV by VGA, Amp by optical
  • Five Mission Model-70 Speakers
  • Mission 70ASE Base Speaker

The whole system is then calibrated for Audio and Video using a DVD called Video Essentials, as well as the set-up for the Sony Amp, in my blacked out cinema room. Perfect.

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Will you review my film? \ What are the rules for reviewing a film?

Yes. I'll happily review any film and anything film related, from Hollywood blockbuster to an unreleased film, I'll review it. Yet there are some facts you should be aware of before going ahead:

  • Reviews here are totally honest and based on my opinion
  • If you do not have a distribution deal then I may be open to telling you if I liked the movie or not before reviewing it and allowing you to ask me not to continue with the review
  • The review will be placed on this site and referenced or copied on my own review site with the score being added to my IMDB voting
  • You can only influence the review by making a good movie

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Why have my comments have been changed?

There are a few reasons why this would happen, and I'll indicate within the comment using square brackets and my name to point out why I've changed it. This will usually be due to a spoiler or offensive comment. I also have a rule about self promotion on this site. There is a place for adding your site name, and anyone who clicks on your site name will be redirected accordingly, that's fine and that's what the link is there for, I've purposely coded it that way. So if you want to put your site name within the comment as well or underneath your signature, it will be removed. It's fine to have links to connect to relevant stories, but you already have a place to link to your site, so please use it.

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Can I advertise on your site?

The site does support advertising and I am open to offers. However please be aware that there will be no pop-up adverts on this site, as well as no adverts that fool people into selecting them (such as the infected computer type adverts). I may also refuse adverts I find distasteful or objectionable.

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Can I give you feedback on the site?

Please do, I'm very open to suggestions and comments, especially if it helps. Simply email me. Yes, I know the next question, look below.

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How do I contact you?

Just send to the following email addresses, or you can catch me on Skype by selecting the relevant icon on the sidebar, when I'm online of course. Here are the email addresses:

Scoops to
Press to
Feedback to
General emails to

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Can I submit a story or scoop?

Of course you can! Just write up a story, or drop a link and a short note through to me at the following email address. Remember to put your name on there so I know who to credit.

Scoops to

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Can I display headlines on my site? \ Are there any widgets?

Are there widgets? Of course there are, loads of them and that's why this section is at the bottom of the page. Here they all are.

Here are three widgets which will display the title of the last few stories and slowly cycle through them, fading the text link in and out. Selecting one will open the story.

120px wide 160 wide

200px wide

These two widgets are tall and interactive. Displaying each story title the user can scroll through the list and select stories to appear in a new window. Note that these ones work in Facebook, Google, Pagefalkes, and so on.

Javascript Flash

If you use the Opera browser, as I do, then you can easily add the to keep you informed of headlines, just select the link. Anyone know of a good Firefox one for me to add? The Opera one is great because it automatically loads the Filmstalker headlines and displays them.

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