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Noah trailer flooded online

DarrenAronofsky.jpgDarren Aronofsky's Noah may be hitting the headlines for heavy debate over the editing - imagine that, who would have thought that a religious film from a such a director could hit editing issues from a major American studio interested in hitting the mainstream American audiences for the most profit - however the first trailer that has been released reveals a standard tale with big names and awesome effects.

Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins, Ray WInstone, Emma Watson, all appear in the trailer which mixes high drama, epic music and the tease of mammoth moments to come.

Still the story is of the fable of Noah and the Ark so we know what to expect, don't we? Well Darren Aronofsky's at the helm of this ship and not only did he direct but he wrote the screenplay with Ari Handel who also wrote on The Fountain and has been involved in a number of recent big Aronofsky films.

Could Noah really be so controversial that the studio are fighting Aronofsky over the edit? I don't really see how, but then religious groups everywhere who share the Noah fable will no doubt find something to get up in arms about, raise media interest and get their faces on the news.

That rubbish aside the film itself looks like it could be both epic and exciting, watch the trailer through TrailerAddict which was filmed by hand from some screening full of American cheerleaders who applaud at the drop of a hat:




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