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Stone and Foxx on Luther King biographical film

MartinLutherKingJr.jpgJamie Foxx as Martin Luther King Jr.? I can't see it myself but then when Foxx has turned his attention to serious roles he's not fallen short of giving a good performance, still he's not the name I would have first associated with the role.

That may not be the most interesting part of the story about the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. biographical film being co-produced between DreamWorks and Warner Bros., that is perhaps reserved for the man who is currently in talks to direct.

Surprisingly I would have thought that one of the producers would have been the ideal choice, especially considering his recent turn at a biographical film regarding a hugely important historical figure. I am of course talking about Steven Spielberg and his Lincoln film. It isn't him though.

It is perhaps someone more qualified, especially as the man has tackled three Presidents and one ancient King, and that's not to mention the other factually based or threaded films he's made covering topics from Vietman to Terrorist attacks.

The man currently in negotiations to direct the Martin Luther King Jr. biographical film is none other than Oliver Stone.

The article from The Hollywood Reporter also tells us that the script has been reworked from Ronald Harwood's version by Kario Salem. Hardwood also wrote on Cry, the Beloved Country, The Pianist, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and Australia while Salem has written on The Rat Pack, The Score and Chasing Mavericks.

There's a lot of talent there to get the story to the screen but I can't help but feel the casting is the strangest part of it all, everything seems to fit for me but that. However I do think Stone could make it work.

He's also liable to make people become vocal about the film, after all his biographical films so far haven't been exactly factual and some have criticised them for taking liberties with the truth and presenting a somewhat altered view of events.

With that in mind it would be interesting to see what he made of this film although I do suspect that what he has accomplished on his other biographical films is one of the main reasons he's being talked to regarding this project, and that includes artistic viewpoints.




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