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Adele as Dusty Springfield?

DustySpringfield.jpgAccording to very light and unsubstantiated rumours, the fantastic singer and songwriter Adele is set to play Dusty Springfield in a film that is in the early stages of development.

This rumour came out a little while ago and through some sources that aren't always completely reliable, and so I was a little loathed to write about it, but then I've seen it pop up more and more and thought perhaps there is some mileage in it, after all if the face fits?

The rumour, which I could swear I've heard before, is that the singer and songwriter Adele has been asked to play Dusty Springfield in a planned biographical film of the famous singer. Now, here I come with my caveats.

Remember that this comes from an unnamed source who could be anyone, absolutely anyone, it doesn't even say what the job of the source is, or who the source works for, and it could have been the chip shop down the road. Also the project is described as being in the early stages of development which means that any attachment of talent is fragile as is the project itself.

The article comes from The Daily Star, link not provided, through News.au and the N.Y. Post and the source quote is:

”Adele is attached to a project, but it's in the early stages of development.”

Looking at the original article in The Daily Star, a quick search tracked it down, has a “source close to the star” saying the above comment, so again that could be the person serving at her local chip shop, the person standing next to her during an interview, anyone at all whether they have knowledge or not. It could have been me even.

Mind you from her short appearance in Ugly Betty you can't knock her performance, even if it is very short and she's just playing herself. I wonder though if she has the talent to act as Dusty Springfield and not just sing as her?

The Daily Mail takes the comments a little further and claims that she is attached and confirms that the project is in the early stages of development, they attribute the comments to a studio executive “with knowledge of negotiations” - I presume that is knowledge of the negotiations relating to Adele and the Dusty Springfield film and not just negotiations in general.

That article also suggests that she has another film appearance in The Secret Service adapted from the Mark Millar story by Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn who also directs, although chances are that this is more of a cameo or real life appearance, there's not much else about that film other than there are similar rumours that David Beckham, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift will also appear, amongst a host of other famous stars and actors.

Something that holds a little more water than all the rumours and sources comments is that the writer David Stenn is apparently to be signed to develop the script, he's been writing on the Boardwalk Empire series. Apparently the story will follow Springfield through a period in 1968 when she moved to Memphis to work at Atlantic Records and change her style and career.

If it all does come together it will be a big move for Adele but won't take her totally away from her main talent, singing, but will she be able to pull off the acting required for the film?




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