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Under the Skin trailer, Johansson hates Scotland

ScarlettJohansson.jpgWhile a new trailer has arrived for Under the Skin delivering cool imagery, an idea of a story, a big name leading lady and an interesting blurb, Scarlett Johansson has been talking about how bad the filming locations were and how terrifying Scotland can be.

Well I would vouch for that, we're a terrifying bunch, but she was talking about the locations for the new film Under the Skin which tells the story of an alien who prowls lonely roads in Scotland, seducing and kidnapping men.

The story is adapted from the novel by Michael Faber ( / ) by writer Walter Campbell and writer/director Jonathan Glazer who also directed Sexy Beast. It follows an alien who is in human form and travels across a lonely stretch of road in Scotland picking up men, seducing them and using them for some as yet unknown purpose.

During the alien's work she finds a curiosity about her human form and that of the interaction with the male of the species and through an accidental act of pity she finds her mission is put in jeopardy.

The trailer is a mixture of imagery that doesn't really give away anything other than this is going to look dark, bleak and at the same time visually engaging. While I love trailers that do that and don't give away anything about the story, it does tire me a little that these type of trailers can't give us something more solid and cohesive, but that job is left to the blurb and to the name of Scarlett Johansson.

Here is the trailer through FIlmStage and First Showing for Under the Skin so you can get a feel for the film:

So that's what it looks like, but it felt different filming it according to Scarlett Johansson who, through the BBC, tells us that it was terrifying filming in Scotland, particularly in Glencoe in November.

"It was as if you had just picked us up and dropped us into the middle of absolutely nowhere…

…It was harsh and it was brutal and it was cold, it was wet and it was terrifying but we pulled through."

Wow. I had no idea how terrifying and brutal the place I live is, and I've been out camping in it, without trailers, hotels, personal assistants, and I didn't think it was as terrifying and brutal as all that.




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