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Scottish film with English writer, Irish star and now Danish director

SaoirseRonan.jpgScottish history is packed with great stories that could be made into films, we've seen a number already that have been very successful, and another looks to be heading towards our screens with a new film about Mary Queen of Scots. It's one I've mentioned before and been a little irked at since the lead was set to go American and then closer to home in an Irish actress, now it's going truly international gaining a Danish director.

My real annoyance with this is the fact that there's a distinct lack of Scottish talent on the project. It's not that we don't have actors, actresses, writers and directors, we do. It's just we can't seem to make these films ourselves.

Despite the fact that there's a lack of Scottish talent up front, there is good news to be had and that's because the Mary Queen of Scots project will star Saoirse Ronan in the lead, is written by Michael Hirst and Penelope Skinner, and now will be directed by Susanne Bier.

The director is currently in the final stages of talks according to Screen Daily through The Playlist and it is a good choice, but a Scottish story in the hands of English writers, Irish star and Danish director does seem to highlight the fact that Scotland, despite talent and stories, isn't making films. More than that, we can't make big films and it takes the outside influence, money and talent to make a bigger production.

The story is typical of Scotland's history, it's rich with double crossing and blood. The Scottish Queen married her first cousin who was murdered, she then married the man who seemed to be the leading suspect in planning the murder which led to an uprising and her imprisonment. Then there was the rivalry between her and the Queen of England which led to her further imprisonment and eventual execution by the order of the English Queen.

Now that's a rich filled story, and Scotland is filled with such stuff, why can't Scottish talent turn to that? I've always wondered why we haven't had a film about the Clearances, that's a key story in Scotland's past and a fantastic one for film.

I just have to hope that the production will come to Scotland to film, and not just for a few outdoor scenes either, and that Scottish talent will be used in the Production side - I know a great editor.




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