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Philomena trailer, Dench and Coogan in true story

Philomena.jpgI'm not sure how to feel about Philomena and whether this might turn into a soppy emotional film or whether it will retain the obvious charm and naive allure of the character that Judi Dench plays, I'm rather hoping for the latter.

There are two very big reasons for seeing the film of course, Steve Coogan and Judi Dench who even in this short trailer looks to be set to deliver a performance that could be matching some of her career highs - oh I know it's early to say but the trailer is definitely pitching that.

While I keep trying to push to the back of my mind comparable thoughts of something like Rain Man, a British and more sedately refined version of course, I do find it popping up a little too often, but then that's down to the relationship and the dynamic between the two presented in the trailer, something that may not rule the film.

This is a true story which sees Judi Dench playing the lovely, charming and worldly naïve character of Philomena - oh you can see the Oscar bait already - who gave up her son for adoption decades ago and hopes to track him down with the help of a journalist, played by Steven Coogan, who is struggling through his own problems.

You know I don't want to belittle this story but doesn't that template sound like a lot of other big films with big cast members playing out similar stories? Another that comes to mind is The Soloist.

Let's turn away from such comparisons though and look to the film which is hitting Ireland and the UK in November, Sweden in December and across Europe in February. Interestingly it is seeing a limited release at Christmas in America before a general release in January, Oscar hopes perhaps? Behind the camera there's Stephen Frears directing which is another big positive for the film. As I said Philomena is based on a true story, the story from the journalist Martin Sixsmith, played by Steve Coogan, who wrote the book about his experience called The Lost Child of Philomena Lee ( / ). Coogan isn't just playing Sixsmith though, he also co-adapted the story for the screenplay along with Jeff Pope, that Coogan is a talented bloke.

Here's the trailer for Philomena which comes through Deadline and is over at :




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